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Venus,ruled by beauty and love
09 February 2007 @ 09:04 am
it's been long time since I've updated my journal. ~5 months!!! waw!! a lot of things happened and I was never interested in posting anything...I don't know why I'm writing now, I'm feeling like it:)
...well well, about my school first..it's been very hard for me..not the classes but the decision to jump from Graphic Design major to Nursing! yeahh I was doing Design the whole last semester and I absolutely loved my Art classes. My drawing I class was the best experience ever..my art works are with me here at home... they are the past...

why did I change my mind and switched to Nursing? there is a goood reason for it. My Mom came to visit me here in Florida last December 17-29...yes yes yes..finally!! Gosh, I was soo happy to see her after 3/5 years of separation. it was my best time vacation!!! so we had lots of conversations about my life, their life back home, and..about my career..As my mom is a midwife herself she wants me to follow her steps. so I agreed...there is no gaurantee that I will be accepted into Nursing program( the GPA has to be really high) but Im trying my best to complete the prerequisites successfully. Im liking it so far:)

so right now my hardest and the most interesting class is Human Anatomy and Physiology I ( with the lab).. so far it has been good. I got A on my practical exam in the lab and hopefully an A on lecture exam...tons and tons of material to REMEMBER! it's not so difficult to understand, but I need to memorize a lot of stuff...

Another class I'm taking is Western Humanities.. I love the subject, but I do not really like the way the teacher teaches... every day he makes us write down his lectures..AND in a form of essays...every single day!! it's like he thinks we are idiots who dont know how to write so this way we practice...I love writing, but it's getting so boring and tiring..also because I 'm familiar with most of the things he is talking about...I dont know why school made me take this class. I' ve taken Understanding Art, Art History II,and this class just repeats what I've studied...but I need it it for my AA degree soo.. right now we are going through my favorite period,Renaissance and its 3 major artists.... "mysterious and quiet Da vinci, tormented and obstinate Michelangelo, refine and beautiful Raphael"...Michelangelo is my favorite though.. there is so much depth and emotion in his statues...( "La Pieta" for. ex.)...I'm dying to see his Sistine Chapel ceiling...oh and Saint Peter's Basilica in Rome too..it's an amazing piece of architecture.. Michelangelo was not the only one who was working on it, there were Maderno, Bernini,and others. He designed the dome which look much alike as Bramante's "Tempiento"...Doesnot it look like the same? lets say Michelangelo "borrowed" his ideas:) but who cares now?!.. the Basilica stands in all its beauty and all tourists who come to Rome mark this place as 'must see"...I would too:) and a lot more..museums for sure...ruins, coliseum.. and my teacher too always keep saying that we must visit Italy at least once in our lives...I totally agree:)
Venus,ruled by beauty and love
05 August 2006 @ 02:22 am
I finally got to have time to update my Lj..I feel like Im going far and far from it nowadays...life has been so hectic busy for me..I bought a car..YES!! finally:) my first car!..it's a honda civic ex..it's niiceee..I was in love with it when I first saw it. I said to Moji "baby, I want This car!"..so we drove it a little bit and bought it the same day... the dealer was a friend of Moji's uncle so he gave us a good discount.. and then all the process that has to come next..calling insurance companies and asking for quote range..my choice came to Geico since it was the cheapest for me..some other companies even refused to offer me a deal since Im a first time driver... then my P.O Box was closed and I even didnot know abt it untill now..so I had to go to the post office and change the adress to get my mails to my home adress..getting mails has alwasy been a pain in the b**tt for me..but hopefully this time I got it done . I talked to the mail delivery officer and he assured me that since now on I wont have problems with getting my mails..

the next thing I did is I ordered a credit card..I never had one..now I do:)

I was kinda lonely for a while since Lanie was in Euro trip for 3 weeks..my fereshteh( =angel) was by my side..always..and gave me a company..today is exactly 5 months since we are together...and as a tradition we exchage flowers on this day.. 4 of August:) every 4th day of a new month is an ending of an old life and a begining of a new life...

I see myself changing too..I started to cook..for Moji for the most of the part..I didnot like cooking but when he comes after work, tired and hungry, and eats my food with so much appetite, I'm glad to see him enjoying the food I made and ...it motivates me:)he obviously likes it too:) damn..he is getting used to it and Im a little afraid of it..couse that means that I ALWAYS have to cook!!lol. and he is so lazy to cook..he'd better take me out or to bring his grandma's food for me. mmm though yesterday he promised to make a-la-persian style shishkebab...so let's see:)

school will start on 21 August..all classes Im taking will be in Clearwater.it's like 35/40 min driving from my house..classes Im taking are:
1) Principle of graphic design, 2) adobe photoshop II 3) history of art II, 3)drawing I , 4) typography...
Im a little nervious abt these classes as I have doubts if I CAN actually DO IT,,but I will try my best.

and I will work more too.. now I have a car, and have to spend more money on it and defenetely I need to work more..so let's see...on my next days off I will be looking for another job..I m getting sick and sick of my current place..a japanese restaurant. all because of the bitchy vietnamise manager and mexican stuff who getting more and more on my nerves...sometimes I feel like to spit on everything and just leave..but without having where to go I have to stay..but for sure before school starts I want to do smth abt it...
Im sleepy now, so
good night everyone!:)
Venus,ruled by beauty and love
09 July 2006 @ 08:39 pm
hello everybody!
here Im again..we just came from Miami( my bf and I) vacation and we totally were dissapointed by the place..
things we hated about MIAMI BEACH:

1)retarded spanish population: rude and hostile! They dont smile, they dont understand jokes..they are NOT FRIEDNLY!! they DO NOT welcome tourists
2)population consists of spanish and black people..spanish 90%..if you see an american it's a surprise..he might be a tourist too! we were really happy when we happened to talk to an american waiter!
3) if you don't speak spanish you are lost... if you ask for directions, out of 10 people only one might speak english..we didnot have this problem couse I spoke spanish, but these spanish retards cannot even give the right directions!
4)P-A-R-K-I-N-G!!! ohh this is a huge problem on the beach...there is a lot of traffic and no parking spaces on the streets..most of them are reserved for "vip" people.
5) if they see you are a tourist they try to rip you off as much as they can!
6) in stores, even in MALL there no fixed prices. you have to bargin! the way they do it: they put a high price on the cloth or whatever, and when you ask for price and if its expensive they tell you" ok I can give it to you for...and then if it's still expensive.they lower the price.. BUT we always doubted if the cloth was real or fake..
7) Everyone has a fancy car and shows off..STYLE is Everything in Miami...we felt like people compete with each other..its all about being cool and trendy!
8)miami beaches are the ugliest beaches! what we saw on the postards, on the Tv comercials is not true..we went to the beach.the water was sooo dirty..
9)it's very crowdy. nightlife goes on till 6 a.m. and the crowd is not the best one..hookers,gay people,homeless...very low class people..it's dangerous to walk.
10) it's a criminal city..there are cops at every corner...no wonder, when we stopped at the gas station, people were doing cocaine in the car!

One thing we liked about Miami: :)

a 1/2hour boat trip around Miami downtown( by the way,downtown is a better looking place than the beach area, but there is a lots of renovations and constractions going on there)) area.. the captain was a pleasant and a very nice american guy..he was funny and full of life..he showed us huge beautiful mansions if popular stars: Julio Ingelsias, Paulina Rubio,etc.and mansions where well known movies were shot.

conclusion: I don't have any desire to go back to Miami ever again...main reason: PEOPLE! and miami is only 3/5 hours away!!
here is Saint petersburg, tampa and clearwater the people are totally different. they are nicer, they have more manners, they smile more..
I will update the videos of the city that we took in my next entry:)

chiao till then
Venus,ruled by beauty and love
16 June 2006 @ 03:18 pm

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Venus,ruled by beauty and love
04 June 2006 @ 11:00 am
hey everyone,
summer vacation is going pretty good for me right now.. I noticed since I'm with Moji, I party every week.. we both have so much energy to do things. or it's me who is becoming a lot like him..
last week was a nice surprise for me.. I was so tired and angry after work, couse it was freaking insane.. people stayed at the restaurant till 1.am so we got off at 1.30am.. for the 1st time it was soo late! He called me, then came to pick me up and took me to have a breakfast..breakfast at 3 am! then he got a room in a hotel, all the way in Tampa..I brought wine..he made me a full body massage.it was soo relaxing..we had a lot of fun till the morning:)

today, 4 June, is exactly 3 months like we are together.:)I gave him a bouquete of beautiful flowers:)

here are some pictures:

Venus,ruled by beauty and love
22 May 2006 @ 06:03 pm
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Venus,ruled by beauty and love
13 May 2006 @ 01:37 am
Finally Im on my vacation:) and I'm enjoying it a lot. I got 3 A-s and 1 B in my 4 classes..
I work 5 days a week. after the last incident with my boss when I got the last warning, I try my best to keep the job. and Im not looking for a 2nd job..I'm too lazy and I love my life too much to waste it on jobs just to get money out of it..nooo..I sleep till late..I stay up till morning...every time I meet M. we dont sleep till 5 or later :) last night we cooked in my house.it was great, neither of us like cooking so we both were sharing things to do.he made rice and I made Indian souce mixed with chicken and tofu..it turned out to be yammy. we went to Starbucks, and then headed to Tampa Int. Airport to pick up his uncle..I was nervious to meet his relatives but funny thing is: his uncle was drunk when I met him( he met some people on the plane and drank with them)and he was nice to me.. he asked us to go with him to Martini Bar..it was an unexpected fun:)we danced for a while ..his uncle was wasted by that time already..we gave him a ride home and then M took me to his house..for the 1 time..his grandparents were sleeping so we were quiet...Persian carpets are all over the house..very nice. later at around 2 a.m we headed to my house and made love till early morning...:)mmmmmmm
tomorrow is my day off:) will be doing lots of shopping with my roomate and hopefully Im gonna see my sweatheart at night again:)

here is me:

and this is a song of the day:
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Venus,ruled by beauty and love
03 May 2006 @ 07:07 pm
One day left..Tomorrow..just one day...one..one
and I'm done with my school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:))))))
Today I took 2 exams, one on Computer Programming. It was the first time that I got 100% on this test:) My grade was C and it was just a little to get to the B..and now it's B:)thanx God Im done with computer classes..
my desire to pursue career in Computers is decreasing and decreasing...more and more I realize that a relation between me and computer is not very friendly..may be I should be looking at people more?!
so now it's the question of finding out the direction to "International Relations"..what it is and what it's eaten with.
may be stressing my educational strengths on different languages since I love anything foreign in my life...

well it's later couse now Im almost over with classes and noone can see how happy I'm:) vacation for 3 whole months..a blessing..

finally I got my mind set to read this lovely book by Charlot Bronte "Jane Eir" and "Grozovoi Pereval"..classic literature has always captured me by satisfying my interests... I saw the movie many times and its shame when all the world has read this book, and I just started now reading it..
well, I'm also expecting my sister to send me more Russian books of my favorite author Natalia Batrakova...her book " the territory of souls" is one of the best ones ever written...
so I really hope that this summer will be profitable for me since I have read so little for the past 3 years...

tomorrow is a memorable date for me and M. it will be our "anniversary" ,if I can call that, 2 months since we know each other.. we are planning to go out fine dining and later at night Elena and her husband join us and we all go to Hyde park cafe, spanish club.

happy vacation to all students who are over with their exams!!!:)
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